Pantented Pool Table Payment Options for All Pool Table Manufacturers

The BarZcash proprietary pool game payment system was designed to have any billiards table start with an app. The interface board will correct any machines that lock up when installing an app. Our first focus was on the Diamond Pool Tables so we could start it with an app then track all league play and cash sales online and with meters on the pool table. We also needed a way to solve the ongoing league play issue. We needed a way to charge the league players, instead of allowing them to use the tables for free. Plus, we created a way to charge your locations for league play. Our ultimate goal was to take back the pool table keys for good, but have expanded to so much more.

Track League Play Games: BarZcash is here to change how operators look at their league pool tables: we turn them into profit machines! Through our pool game payment system, you can track all aspects of league play games including how long they played, how many games were played and how many tables were used. With BarZcash you can charge pool league owners appropriately and finally make profit off of league nights.

Increase your Profit: By providing your patrons an easy and convenient way to pay for pool tables they’ll play longer and spend more. Similarly, you’ll now have the ability to profit off of pool league nights with the ability to track & charge league owners accordingly. The BarZcash pool game payment system instantly turns every machine you own into a profit!

Control & Change Prices Easily: The BarZcash system allows you to easily control and change prices for each individual billiards table right from your desktop. This makes it simple to run Happy Hour specials, last-minute promotions, set League Play prices, host tournaments and more. The prices of your machines are set by you and completely in your control.

Track Cash & App Spending: Whether players spend with cash, coins or through the Pay Range app, you’ll easily be able to track this information on your desktop. Tracking allows you to see which games are most profitable, least profitable and during what times so you can strategize marketing campaigns around your pool tables.

Timed & Straight Pool Play Options: With the BarZcash device, you have the ability to turn your pool tables into either timed or straight play with the click of a button. Timed play can run from 5 up to 30 minutes at a flat rate with special orders for up to 60 minutes of timed play. BarZcash offers suggestions for prices or you can set them yourself.

Convenient Vending & Billiards Game Payments

BarZcash has two Patents and has made history by creating innovative and revolutionary pool cashless game payment options. We’ve also created the first ever player order tracking system, which keeps pool play moving on busy nights. We’re dedicated to changing the way pool leagues operate and the way patrons use billiards tables. BarZcash has created a way to ensure your pool tables are profitable!