How to Clean a Felt Pool Table Top

An Easy Guide to Clean Pool Table Felt Top

BarZcash Easy Guide to Clean & Maintain Pool Table FeltWhen you invest in a billiards table and high quality pool cues for your home or business establishment, keeping it in top shape should be high on your list of priorities. Not only will regular cleaning and maintenance ensure it looks new for many years, but also guarantees quality playing conditions. While cleaning the entire table is important, the pool table felt is extremely delicate and must be handled with care. It only takes a few steps to keep pool table felt clean and free of chalk, dust and lint. Learn some industry-insider tips from BarZcash on how to clean a felt pool table top without too much time or effort.

8 Tips to Clean & Maintain Pool Table Felt

Invest the Time in Spot Treatment: Clean spills right away – even clear liquids can easily stain the felt material. Using a cotton cloth, press down on the stain to absorb the liquid. Then, using cool water, pat the area and repeat with a dry cloth and let it air dry overnight (do not cover).

Remove Surface Chalk: Buildup of chalk, dust and other debris can affect the movement of the billiards balls across the table. Depending on how often you use the table, surface chalk should be removed at least once per week or more.

Regularly Brush Pool Table Felt: A pool table brush is specifically made with soft bristle tips that will not damage the pool table felt while cleaning. Brush from one end of the table to the other going in the direction of the cloth. Avoid using a circular motion of heavy strokes, which can stretch out the fiber. Sweep all dust & debris into a dustpan.

Vacuum Excessive Hair & Chalk: The billiards community is a bit torn as to whether vacuuming is a good option to clean pool table felt. If brushing isn’t getting the cloth clean enough, you can use a household low-powered vacuum using the upholstery attachment.

Wet Wipe to Remove Dust: Using cold water only, wipe down the entire pool table to remove dust.

Use Approved Wood Cleaner: Ask your pool table supplier for the best wood cleaning product for your specific pool table. Some products contain harsh chemicals that will discolor or remove the finish and damage your table.

Invest in a Pool Table Cover: To avoid excessive dust, dander and pet hair from getting trapped in the pool table felt, the table should be covered at all times when not in use.

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Clean Billiards Balls Properly: Regularly clean your billiards balls to prevent yellowing and keep the felt looking brand-new.

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Importance of Investing in High Quality Pool Cues

Reasons High Quality Pool Cues are Worth the Money

BarZcash Importance to Invest in High Quality Pool CuesFor the casual player with a pool table in their game room, a mid-level pool cue ($25 – $150) is sufficient for you and your guests. However, if you own a bar, restaurant or establishment that hosts pool nights & tournaments, entry-level players expect you to invest in high quality pool cues. While professional pool players would invest $1,000+ in a single cue, a good quality pool stick should range between $150 – $500 each. The more expensive the cue, the higher the quality of wood, wrap, tip, ferrules and shaft. They’ll also be treated with coating to protect against environmental changes and warping. BarZcash highlights the top 6 reasons to invest in high quality pool cues for your tournaments.

Why Expensive Pool Sticks are a Good Investment

Smooth & Consistent Transfer of Energy: The most important aspect of high-quality pool cues is the transfer of energy. The bigger investment ensures your stroke is smooth and consistent.

Improve Accuracy: Cues constructed with premium tips not only help to improve accuracy, but also protects the wood material the manufacturer constructs it out of.

Protect Against Splintering: Expensive pool cues are known to have high-quality ferrule, which protects the shaft from splintering and ensures the shaft lasts for many years.

Low-Deflection Shafts: This is a newer type of technology common in high quality pool cues. Low-deflection shafts ensure the ball moves straight when you hit it from the side. Low-deflection shaft improves accuracy & allows you to easily put a spin on the ball.

High Quality Wood: Pool cues are made from a variety of materials including fiberglass, hybrid (wood & fiberglass) and metal, but wood is what premium cues are constructed from. Look for pool cues made from a straight-grained hard rock maple wood.

Wrap Material: Adding a quality wrap on a pool cue is extremely beneficial. Not only will it help the players keep a firm grip but will also prevent moisture damage.

Expert Billiards Advice, Care & Maintenance Tips

A billiards table an expensive investment that will last for many years with great care, cleaning and maintenance. Besides investing in high quality accessories (cues, balls, covers), it is important to take the time to ensure it is properly cleaned and maintained. For more information, check out some of our in-depth guides below:

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How to Clean & Prevent Yellow Billiards Balls

Why do Pool/Billiards Balls Turn Yellow?

BarZcash Preventative Maintenance Against Yellow Billiards BallsAs a restaurant, bar or entertainment venue owner you want to make sure you’re providing patrons and pool leagues with the best manufacturers and highest quality in pool tables, sticks and billiards balls. If you’ve noticed your billiards balls are starting to turn gray, dull or even yellow you may become concerned whether this will affect your reputation. Unlike dirty billiards balls, the color of your pool balls has no bearing on their gameplay. Dullness & yellowing are simply a matter of ascetics caused by age, UV exposure and heat. BarZcash, a leader in cashless pool table payment systems, provides 5 easy ways to prevent yellowing billiards balls and proper cleaning techniques.

5 Easy Tips to Prevent Billiards Balls from Turning Yellow

Store in a Cool, Dark Space: Exposure to high levels of UV and extreme heat are the main causes of yellow billiards balls. Always keep them stored away from sunlight in a cool space when not in use.

Keep in an Airtight Case: The case will not only protect against dirt and air pollutants, but also provides a secondary barrier against sunlight.

Clean Regularly: Cleaning solutions and restorers will help with yellow, keep the pool balls clean and restore their shine. BarZcash recommends a deep cleaning at least once per week.

Invest in a Pool Ball Cleaning Machine: While we still recommend regular cleaning, a billiards ball cleaning machine provides extra power and added shine.

Upgrade to Polyester Resin Billiards Balls: Most pool balls are made of phenolic resin, which are known to turn yellow over time when UV rays & age cause the material to breakdown. Polyester resin will still wear down over time, but instead of yellowing, this material dulls to gray.

Proper Method to Cleaning Pool Table Balls

If your pool balls have significantly yellowed there is little that can be do restore them back to brand-new, shiny white. However, with regular, proper cleaning you can keep your pool balls white for many years!


  • Put pool balls in the dishwasher
  • Use bleach, abrasive cleaners or anything not intended for billiards balls

Yellow of pool balls is ultimately caused by aging but can be slowed slightly by taking the necessary preventative steps we’ve highlighted above. Since the color does not affect how the balls move on the table you do not have to worry or consider it a problem. But, if your yellow billiards balls bother you, simply replace them! For more maintenance and care tips, refer to our Pool Table Maintenance guide for topics on pool felt cleaning tips, general care, storage and more!

Reasons to Invest in a Pool Table Cover

Importance of a Pool Table Cover to Protect your Investment

BarZcash Reasons to Invest in a Pool Table CoverWhen you purchase a pool table for your restaurant, bar or entertainment venue you want to make sure you do everything you can to protect your $1,500 – $3,000 investment. Besides spending the time every week on pool table maintenance, you want to make sure you purchase a pool table cover. This extra $25 – $100 (each) investment is well worth it when you review all the benefits to keeping your table pristine for many years. BarZcash, the leading provider in cashless pool table technology, outlines the top 4 reasons you must invest in a pool table cover – read more below.

4 Ways Investing in a Cover Protects your Pool Table

Dust Buildup: Dust is one of the greatest enemies of your pool table! When dust and caulk are built-up in the felt, over time it will negatively affect the speed. This can be detrimental to your business, especially for professional players and leagues.

Spills: Drinks can spill due to clumsiness, roof leak or a number of other accidents that are out of your control. A waterproof pool table cover ensures the liquid does not leak through onto the felt. Not only will spills, even from water, cause unsightly stains, but also expensive damage if the liquid is sticky & ruins the felt.

Animal Scratches: While you may not have a cat or dog roaming around your business establishment, there is a chance a bird or rodent can break in after hours. Without the proper protection for your pool tables, these scratches can cause major rips in the felt that can only be repaired with full replacement.

Fading: Even though there might not be a lot of direct sunlight streaming into your bar or restaurant, over time the color of the felt does fade even just from windows and doors. Removing and installing new felt is not cheap; a pool table cover ensures the bright color lasts for many years.

Importance of Billiards Room Accessories

Finally, make sure that your billiards table cover is the proper size and fits snug, this ensures dust and rodents cannot sneak into the ill-fitting crevices. Some important features to look for include waterproof, reinforced stitching and high-quality material – oftentimes it is better to spend a little more for added protection. Read more about pool table maintenance & care to protect your expensive billiards table investment.  

Pool Table Maintenance & Care Guide

Guide to Proper Pool Table Maintenance

BarZcash Pool Table Maintenance & Care TipsYour pool tables may be the most important investment in your bar, restaurant or other entertainment space. With prices ranging from $1,500 to $3,000 for a single table, plus the cost of supplies & accessories, you’ll want to protect your table at all costs! Proper pool table maintenance and care are vital to ensure it can last for many years. Investing in the following weekly routine pool table maintenance checklist is a simple way to prevent costly billiards table repairs or replacement.

Helpful Pool Table Maintenance Tips

Cover When Not in Use: Avoid cloth fading and chalk/dust buildup by investing in a cover for each of your pool tables when your establishment is closed.

Clean Balls Regularly: The presentation of your pool table is important to your patrons, especially on League Nights. Regularly cleaning your billiards balls prevents dust and chalk from collecting on the cloth, rails and pockets. BarZcash recommends at least daily cleaning.

Store Cues in Rack or Case: To prevent warping, cues should always be stored in a stand or case when not in use.

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Regularly Brush & Vacuum Cloth: Using soft strokes, brush and vacuum your table at the end of the night to remove chalk and dust. Over time, buildup of these materials on your felt can affect the movement of the billiards balls.

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Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Although your bar or establishment is temperature controlled, it is important to note that extreme temperatures can cause moisture buildup and warping. In the event of a prolonged power outage, it may be a good idea to have a backup generator to control the air temperature and protect your pool tables.

No Excessive Weight: Do not allow your patrons to lean or sit on top of the pool tables, the added weight can put stress on the rails and cause costly damage.

Remove & Store Balls Separately: This will reduce wear on the table’s pockets and ensure the balls do not nick or scratch one another.

Avoid Direct Sunlight: The strong UV rays can fade the color of the cloth and damage the table’s finish.

Limit Table Movement: Due to the necessary precision you need for level table placement it is not recommended to move your billiards table unless by a professional.

No Smoking, Eating or Drinking on Table: While food and beverage sales are important for your bottom line, they should be kept away from your pool tables to avoid spills, stains and condensation. Provide patrons with high top tables close by to accommodate beverages, food orders and ash trays.

Clean Leather Pockets: Use a soft, damp cloth using either water or an approved leather cleaner.

Be Aware of Moisture Levels: Ideal humidity levels for any room with a pool table should be 40% – 60%.

Buying a Diamond Pool Table? Look for These Key Features

Investment Benefits of Purchasing Diamond Pool Tables

BarZcash Investment Benefits Diamond Pool TableIf you’ve made the decision to invest or reinvest in a pool table for your bar, restaurant or entertainment space you’ve probably spent hours researching the best brands, features and price differences. The top table brands in the industry continue to be Brunswick, Olhausen, Valley, Legacy Billiards and Diamond Billiards pool tables. BarZcash, the leader in pool table payment technology products, specializes in systems for Diamond Pool Tables, Valley Pool Tables and other manufacturers. Business owners looking to host league nights or offer timed and straight play pool options will find many benefits to investing in a Diamond pool table, which we’ve highlighted in our blog below.

8 Reasons to Invest in a Diamond Pool Table

Slate Pool Table Bed: Especially for hosting pool leagues nights you will need a table with a slate surface as it is the only one approved for professional billiards. With Diamond, 7’, 8’ and 9’ tables are standard equipped with 1” piece of slate.

Dymondwood: Each table is contrasted with Dymondwood, a unique word you will only find with a Diamond Pool Table. Their proprietary compound is not only beautiful, but highly durable, burn and dent resistant.

Color/Wood Selection: The Dymondwood is available in rosewood, charcoal, walnut and golden oak with a wide assortment of cloth colors to match your style.

Bi-Level Pockets: Every Diamond pool table is designed with bi-level pockets that are flush to the rail making shooting out of the pocket very easy.

Wedge Leveling System: Their matchless wedge leveling system is built right into the slate bed, which allows the slate to be level without having to remove the rail system.

Built-in Leveling Block: A level block is built right into the legs of your Diamond pool table! With a simple turn of a nut the legs can be raised or lowed with extreme ease.

Quiet & Efficient Ball Return: The ball returns on all Diamond billiards tables are extremely quiet. The billiards balls are collected and gravity fed to the end of the table.

Compatible with BarZcash Diamond Pool Table App: The BarZcash digital gaming technology products are compatible with Diamond pool tables making it easy for you to accept money, host pool leagues and boost profits. Learn the many benefits of cashless payments for your Diamond billiards table. Read more about how it works or call 800-311-6067 to speak with a representative about options for your bar, restaurant or entertainment space.

Reasons your Diamond Pool Table needs Coinless Payment Technology

Increase Diamond Pool Table Profits by Installing Coinless Payment

BarZcash Increase Profits Diamond Pool Table Coinless AppIf you’ve invested in a Diamond pool table for your bar, restaurant or entertainment establishment then you’re already well-aware of their superiority for professional, amateur and casual players. A coin operated Diamond billiards table provides a plethora of benefits for your business not only to boost income, but expand your customer base & much more. BarZcash is the leader in digital gaming technology payment products for pool, amusement and vending machines. Find out below the many ways in which your billiards table will benefit from the installation of cashless payment technology.

5 Benefits of Cashless Payments on Diamond Pool Table

Earn Money during Tournaments: The main goal of our company is to ensure your establishment can make money during competitions. A coinless Diamond billiards table allows you to keep a digital record of how long players use the table and the amount of games played. This log allows owners of bars to appropriately charge pool league owners fairly and make a profit off of league billiards nights.

Turn Diamond Pool Table into Profit: Besides on billiard league nights, your pool table can turn a larger profit every day of the week. The ease and convenience of coinless operation allows patrons to play longer and spend more money. Further, these same customers will purchase more food and drinks (added profit)!

Expand Customer Base: Hosting pool tournaments at your establishment will draw new customers as players. Even better, these players will bring their non-player friends and family members who will enjoy food and drink while watching.
Tip: Running specials will almost certainly assure they will come back over and over.

No Jammed Machines: Coinless billiards tables ensure you never have to worry about losing money due to jammed coins in the mechanisms.

Control & Fluctuate Prices: Through our proprietary technology, you will control the price of each Diamond pool table or amusement game machine. Prices can be updated as much as you’d like depending on happy hour, late night prices, etc.

Coinless Billiards Table Technology

If you currently own a Diamond, Valley, Global or Dynamo pool table, but have yet to install the coinless payment technology visit our How it Works or Products pages to learn more about our system. Give BarZcash a call right away at 800-311-6067 to discuss the options for your bar, pub, hotel or entertainment center. If you’re on the fence about which table to invest in, see 8 reasons to select a Diamond pool table. 

Benefits of Installing Cashless Amusement Game Technology

Benefits Cashless Amusement Game Technology

BarZcash Benefits Cashless Amusement GameBar patrons love the nostalgia of playing a game of darts, air hockey, billiards and other such amusement games. But if you’ve noticed your machines have been empty for a while now, it could because of one common mistake: you’re only accepting coin payments. Many people simply do not carry cash or coins anymore, opting for cards or apps to make any and all transactions. The BarZcash cashless amusement game payment technology is compatible with a variety of machines, as well as jukeboxes and pool tables! Learn more about our coinless app below and discover the many benefits it will have for your business.

6 Cashless Amusement Game Technology Benefits

Increase Revenue: When customers are not held to the amount of coins in their pocket, they’ll spend more time playing! Cashless amusement game payment technology turns every machine in your establishment into a profitable entity.

Food & Drink Profits Rise: Not only will you see an increase in the money coming in from your amusement games, but from your food & drinks as well. The longer your customers can stay on a machine, the more food & beverages they will order.

Advanced Reporting: Financial reports and receipts are vital for business accounting and tax purposes. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to easily keep track of the spending on all machines, whether cash, coins or through the Ray Range app. See more on how our Cashless Game Payment technology works.  

Convenience: Your guests will spend less time waiting to exchange cash for change or flagging down a busy waitress because the game jammed. Customers are free to play and enjoy the games uninterrupted!

BarZcash Cashless Amusement Game Payments TechnologyControl Prices: Our proprietary cashless amusement game technology allows you to change prices on each individual machine with just the click of a button. This option is perfect for pool tournaments, Happy Hour Specials, last minute promotions and much more!

App Integration: Gaming machines, jukeboxes and pool tables can all be integrated into the BarZcash system, which features app integration for payments!

Coinless App for Amusement Machines

It is highly beneficial for bar and restaurant owners to invest in digital payment technology for their in-house amusement games, jukeboxes and billiards tables. Compatible with all of our current games including diamond, valley, global and dynamo pool tables, BarZcash makes it easy to make the switch! Call 1-800-311-6067 to speak to one of our consultants today and visit our How it Works page to learn all about our technology. BarZcash is here to change the way patrons enjoy your billiards and amusement game machines with our proprietary system!

Cashless Jukebox Technology Benefits

Benefits of Installing a Cashless Jukebox

BarZcash Benefits Cashless Jukebox Payment AppCard and app payments are quickly becoming the norm, not only at shops and malls, but also at bars & restaurants. Establishment owners are understanding the benefits of coinless billiards tables and cashless amusement game technology. It was obvious to make the switch to a cashless jukebox and all other amusement machines! The BarZcash game payment technology is not only compatible with diamond, valley, global and dynamo pool tables, but also jukeboxes, amusement tables, dart boards and much more. We’ve highlighted the top 6 benefits of installing a cashless jukebox in your bar or restaurant venue.

6 Benefits of Switching to Cashless Jukebox Technology

Make a Profit: Cashless game payment technology allows your machines to serve more customers in a faster amount of time. Not only will more people be willing to use the cashless jukebox, but your staff is also free to serve more food & drinks, instead of worrying about a broken/jammed machine.

Custom Convenience: No longer will your customers have to worry about having enough change or small dollar bills in order to listen to their favorite songs! They can enjoy all the nostalgia of a jukebox with all the modern convenience of cashless payment options.

Safe & Secure Payments: Our cashless payment system allows you to flawlessly track payments and money received. Additionally, your customers will feel safe using a contactless form of payment.  

No Jammed Machines: Outdated coin operated jukeboxes are known for jamming, rendering them useless until you can get someone out to your business for a repair. Installing the BarZcash cashless jukebox technology you’ll never have to worry about that again!

More Control over Music Selection: You’ll have full control over the genres and songs you allow to be played on your machine. You can cater the selection of songs to a specific themed night you are having so someone doesn’t accidently ruin the vibe.BarZcash 6 Benefits of Installing Cashless Jukebox

App Integration: Depending on the type of jukebox you purchase, you may be able to integrate an app that allows patrons to select and pay for songs at their seat!

Coinless App for Pool Tables & Amusement Games

In a time when cash is becoming more and more obsolete, it is a good idea for restaurant & bar owners to invest in digital gaming technology payment options for your billiards tables, jukeboxes and other such amusement games. To learn more about the BarZcash system, visit How it Works page or call 800-311-6067 to speak to one of our knowledgeable consultants today.

Benefits of Coinless Billiards Table Technology

Benefits of Installing Coinless Billiards Table Technology

BarZcash Benefits Coinless Billiards Table TechnologyThere are endless benefits of installing coinless billiards table, cashless jukeboxes and cashless amusement game technology in your bar or restaurant establishment’s pool tables. The BarZcash game payment technology is compatible with diamond pool tables, valley pool tables, global pool tables, dynamo pool tables and all other amusement machines. Turn your amusement game tables into profit machines using the BarZcash range of game payment technology products. See below all of the benefits you can soon be enjoying with the installation of coinless billiards table and amusement game machine technology.

7 Coinless Billiards Table Technology Benefits

Make Money during Tournaments: Our coinless billiards table products allow you to track all aspect of tournament league play so you can make money during pool competitions!  Keep a digital log of how long they played, plus the amount of games and tables used so you can charge pool league owners fairly and finally make profits off billiards league nights.

No jammed machines: You no longer have to worry about losing time or money due to jammed pool or amusement machines! Our coinless billiards table technology accepts payments via an app, as well as traditional coins.

Customers won’t run out of change: All too many times players have had to leave the machine sooner than anticipated, because they ran out of change or singles. Coinless billiards table technology is the ultimate solution to this age-old problem: customers no longer need change! They can pay for games right through our app.BarZcash Install Coinless Billiards Table App

Increased Profit on Food & Drinks: Customers who stay longer have the tendency to spend more on food and drink orders. Not only are you making money on your pool and amusement game machines, but you’re also making money on food & drink sales!

Run Promotions: The proprietary BarZcash system allows you to easily control and change prices for each individual machine in your bar. You can instantly create Happy Hour Specials and last minute promotions to entice a larger crowd on a slow Tuesday night.

Turn Amusement & Pool Tables into Profit: When patrons have an easy and convenient way to pay for pool and amusement game machines, they’ll play longer and spend more money. The BarZcash coinless billiards table technology instantly turns every machine in your restaurant or bar into a profit.

Control your own Prices: The prices of each machine are set by you and can be changed or updated as frequently as you need. Our pool table payment app & technology allows you to set billiards tables to timed or straight play pool options.

Cashless Pool Table App

As you can see, there are endless benefits to installing the BarZcash digital gaming technology payment products into your pool, amusement or vending machines. To learn more, visit our How It Works page or call 800-311-6067 for a consultation about our technology. At BarZcash, we’re dedicated to changing the way pool leagues operate and the way patrons enjoy your amusement machines. We’ve created a proprietary way to ensure these machines are profitable.