Cash & Cashless Pool Table Payment Solution

BarZcash is an innovative company with over 40 years of experience in the billiards Industry. Our headquarter location is in Bristol, PA, just a few miles away from where our American-made cashless game payment product is manufactured. The owners and founders of BarZcash have seen the amusement industry change from the mechanical machines of the 1970s through to today’s virtual reality gaming phenomenon.

Since the APA Pool League was formed in 1979, operators have lost hundreds of dollars each week by opening their pool tables for free play on APA League nights. For over 30 years the owners of BarZcash have been trying to find a way to charge pool league players so operators could profit off of league nights. That can now be done with the Barzcash system. Operators can also charge and track their leagues for league night pool. Finally BarZcash has solved the problem! Technology has allowed us to create a revolutionary Patented cashless game payment product for the street operators. BarZcash is here to change how operators look at their league pool tables: we turn them into a profit machine! It’s time to start making money again!

Patented Pool Table Payment Systems

Our company has two Patents and has made history by creating the first Diamond App Pool table conversion ever. We’ve also done app conversions on coin only Valley Pool Tables: your coin only tables now have the power to accept more than one payment option. BarZcash has also created the first ever player order tracking system, which will keep pool play moving on busy nights, because players can easily pay for more time using their phones.

We’re dedicated to changing the way leagues are operated today. No more giving the control of your pool tables to the big league associations that only cost operators money to maintain unprofitable pool tables. We believe pool league players should pay for their time and now you have a way to ensure they do so.

Cash & Cashless Billiards Game Payment Options

Currently, our system runs on Pay Range, but can be adapted to any app. Pay Range is a solid App with a lot of support behind it. The BarZcash interface system can be adapted to any payment system including Intercard, Embed, USA Technologies, Nyax and more. We’re opening up to more app choices in the future, so do not get stuck with a system that only offers one choice.

BarZcash is dedicated to keeping the other app companies from being the only game in town, then suddenly raising the price once you’ve purchased all of the hardware. Our Patented interface board can start any machine you want with an app! The interface board will correct any lock up issues you will have when trying to make an app start any other machine in a location. We can also modify our interface board to talk to any other app and hardware, if need be. The fee for doing that depends on the app. One of the best reasons for doing this is you can see what time of day your equipment is being used and compare how much is actual league time play versus casual play. By installing the BarZcash System you can now charge a connection fee on a weekly schedule to cover costs for upgrades and pool table maintenance.