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An Easy Guide to Clean Pool Table Felt Top

BarZcash Easy Guide to Clean & Maintain Pool Table FeltWhen you invest in a billiards table and high quality pool cues for your home or business establishment, keeping it in top shape should be high on your list of priorities. Not only will regular cleaning and maintenance ensure it looks new for many years, but also guarantees quality playing conditions. While cleaning the entire table is important, the pool table felt is extremely delicate and must be handled with care. It only takes a few steps to keep pool table felt clean and free of chalk, dust and lint. Learn some industry-insider tips from BarZcash on how to clean a felt pool table top without too much time or effort.

8 Tips to Clean & Maintain Pool Table Felt

Invest the Time in Spot Treatment: Clean spills right away – even clear liquids can easily stain the felt material. Using a cotton cloth, press down on the stain to absorb the liquid. Then, using cool water, pat the area and repeat with a dry cloth and let it air dry overnight (do not cover).

Remove Surface Chalk: Buildup of chalk, dust and other debris can affect the movement of the billiards balls across the table. Depending on how often you use the table, surface chalk should be removed at least once per week or more.

Regularly Brush Pool Table Felt: A pool table brush is specifically made with soft bristle tips that will not damage the pool table felt while cleaning. Brush from one end of the table to the other going in the direction of the cloth. Avoid using a circular motion of heavy strokes, which can stretch out the fiber. Sweep all dust & debris into a dustpan.

Vacuum Excessive Hair & Chalk: The billiards community is a bit torn as to whether vacuuming is a good option to clean pool table felt. If brushing isn’t getting the cloth clean enough, you can use a household low-powered vacuum using the upholstery attachment.

Wet Wipe to Remove Dust: Using cold water only, wipe down the entire pool table to remove dust.

Use Approved Wood Cleaner: Ask your pool table supplier for the best wood cleaning product for your specific pool table. Some products contain harsh chemicals that will discolor or remove the finish and damage your table.

Invest in a Pool Table Cover: To avoid excessive dust, dander and pet hair from getting trapped in the pool table felt, the table should be covered at all times when not in use.

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Clean Billiards Balls Properly: Regularly clean your billiards balls to prevent yellowing and keep the felt looking brand-new.

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