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Reasons High Quality Pool Cues are Worth the Money

BarZcash Importance to Invest in High Quality Pool CuesFor the casual player with a pool table in their game room, a mid-level pool cue ($25 – $150) is sufficient for you and your guests. However, if you own a bar, restaurant or establishment that hosts pool nights & tournaments, entry-level players expect you to invest in high quality pool cues. While professional pool players would invest $1,000+ in a single cue, a good quality pool stick should range between $150 – $500 each. The more expensive the cue, the higher the quality of wood, wrap, tip, ferrules and shaft. They’ll also be treated with coating to protect against environmental changes and warping. BarZcash highlights the top 6 reasons to invest in high quality pool cues for your tournaments.

Why Expensive Pool Sticks are a Good Investment

Smooth & Consistent Transfer of Energy: The most important aspect of high-quality pool cues is the transfer of energy. The bigger investment ensures your stroke is smooth and consistent.

Improve Accuracy: Cues constructed with premium tips not only help to improve accuracy, but also protects the wood material the manufacturer constructs it out of.

Protect Against Splintering: Expensive pool cues are known to have high-quality ferrule, which protects the shaft from splintering and ensures the shaft lasts for many years.

Low-Deflection Shafts: This is a newer type of technology common in high quality pool cues. Low-deflection shafts ensure the ball moves straight when you hit it from the side. Low-deflection shaft improves accuracy & allows you to easily put a spin on the ball.

High Quality Wood: Pool cues are made from a variety of materials including fiberglass, hybrid (wood & fiberglass) and metal, but wood is what premium cues are constructed from. Look for pool cues made from a straight-grained hard rock maple wood.

Wrap Material: Adding a quality wrap on a pool cue is extremely beneficial. Not only will it help the players keep a firm grip but will also prevent moisture damage.

Expert Billiards Advice, Care & Maintenance Tips

A billiards table an expensive investment that will last for many years with great care, cleaning and maintenance. Besides investing in high quality accessories (cues, balls, covers), it is important to take the time to ensure it is properly cleaned and maintained. For more information, check out some of our in-depth guides below:

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