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Why do Pool/Billiards Balls Turn Yellow?

BarZcash Preventative Maintenance Against Yellow Billiards BallsAs a restaurant, bar or entertainment venue owner you want to make sure you’re providing patrons and pool leagues with the best manufacturers and highest quality in pool tables, sticks and billiards balls. If you’ve noticed your billiards balls are starting to turn gray, dull or even yellow you may become concerned whether this will affect your reputation. Unlike dirty billiards balls, the color of your pool balls has no bearing on their gameplay. Dullness & yellowing are simply a matter of ascetics caused by age, UV exposure and heat. BarZcash, a leader in cashless pool table payment systems, provides 5 easy ways to prevent yellowing billiards balls and proper cleaning techniques.

5 Easy Tips to Prevent Billiards Balls from Turning Yellow

Store in a Cool, Dark Space: Exposure to high levels of UV and extreme heat are the main causes of yellow billiards balls. Always keep them stored away from sunlight in a cool space when not in use.

Keep in an Airtight Case: The case will not only protect against dirt and air pollutants, but also provides a secondary barrier against sunlight.

Clean Regularly: Cleaning solutions and restorers will help with yellow, keep the pool balls clean and restore their shine. BarZcash recommends a deep cleaning at least once per week.

Invest in a Pool Ball Cleaning Machine: While we still recommend regular cleaning, a billiards ball cleaning machine provides extra power and added shine.

Upgrade to Polyester Resin Billiards Balls: Most pool balls are made of phenolic resin, which are known to turn yellow over time when UV rays & age cause the material to breakdown. Polyester resin will still wear down over time, but instead of yellowing, this material dulls to gray.

Proper Method to Cleaning Pool Table Balls

If your pool balls have significantly yellowed there is little that can be do restore them back to brand-new, shiny white. However, with regular, proper cleaning you can keep your pool balls white for many years!


  • Put pool balls in the dishwasher
  • Use bleach, abrasive cleaners or anything not intended for billiards balls

Yellow of pool balls is ultimately caused by aging but can be slowed slightly by taking the necessary preventative steps we’ve highlighted above. Since the color does not affect how the balls move on the table you do not have to worry or consider it a problem. But, if your yellow billiards balls bother you, simply replace them! For more maintenance and care tips, refer to our Pool Table Maintenance guide for topics on pool felt cleaning tips, general care, storage and more!