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Importance of a Pool Table Cover to Protect your Investment

BarZcash Reasons to Invest in a Pool Table CoverWhen you purchase a pool table for your restaurant, bar or entertainment venue you want to make sure you do everything you can to protect your $1,500 – $3,000 investment. Besides spending the time every week on pool table maintenance, you want to make sure you purchase a pool table cover. This extra $25 – $100 (each) investment is well worth it when you review all the benefits to keeping your table pristine for many years. BarZcash, the leading provider in cashless pool table technology, outlines the top 4 reasons you must invest in a pool table cover – read more below.

4 Ways Investing in a Cover Protects your Pool Table

Dust Buildup: Dust is one of the greatest enemies of your pool table! When dust and caulk are built-up in the felt, over time it will negatively affect the speed. This can be detrimental to your business, especially for professional players and leagues.

Spills: Drinks can spill due to clumsiness, roof leak or a number of other accidents that are out of your control. A waterproof pool table cover ensures the liquid does not leak through onto the felt. Not only will spills, even from water, cause unsightly stains, but also expensive damage if the liquid is sticky & ruins the felt.

Animal Scratches: While you may not have a cat or dog roaming around your business establishment, there is a chance a bird or rodent can break in after hours. Without the proper protection for your pool tables, these scratches can cause major rips in the felt that can only be repaired with full replacement.

Fading: Even though there might not be a lot of direct sunlight streaming into your bar or restaurant, over time the color of the felt does fade even just from windows and doors. Removing and installing new felt is not cheap; a pool table cover ensures the bright color lasts for many years.

Importance of Billiards Room Accessories

Finally, make sure that your billiards table cover is the proper size and fits snug, this ensures dust and rodents cannot sneak into the ill-fitting crevices. Some important features to look for include waterproof, reinforced stitching and high-quality material – oftentimes it is better to spend a little more for added protection. Read more about pool table maintenance & care to protect your expensive billiards table investment.