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Guide to Proper Pool Table Maintenance

BarZcash Pool Table Maintenance & Care TipsYour pool tables may be the most important investment in your bar, restaurant or other entertainment space. With prices ranging from $1,500 to $3,000 for a single table, plus the cost of supplies & accessories, you’ll want to protect your table at all costs! Proper pool table maintenance and care are vital to ensure it can last for many years. Investing in the following weekly routine pool table maintenance checklist is a simple way to prevent costly billiards table repairs or replacement.

Helpful Pool Table Maintenance Tips

Cover When Not in Use: Avoid cloth fading and chalk/dust buildup by investing in a cover for each of your pool tables when your establishment is closed.

Clean Balls Regularly: The presentation of your pool table is important to your patrons, especially on League Nights. Regularly cleaning your billiards balls prevents dust and chalk from collecting on the cloth, rails and pockets. BarZcash recommends at least daily cleaning.

Store Cues in Rack or Case: To prevent warping, cues should always be stored in a stand or case when not in use.

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Regularly Brush & Vacuum Cloth: Using soft strokes, brush and vacuum your table at the end of the night to remove chalk and dust. Over time, buildup of these materials on your felt can affect the movement of the billiards balls.

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Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Although your bar or establishment is temperature controlled, it is important to note that extreme temperatures can cause moisture buildup and warping. In the event of a prolonged power outage, it may be a good idea to have a backup generator to control the air temperature and protect your pool tables.

No Excessive Weight: Do not allow your patrons to lean or sit on top of the pool tables, the added weight can put stress on the rails and cause costly damage.

Remove & Store Balls Separately: This will reduce wear on the table’s pockets and ensure the balls do not nick or scratch one another.

Avoid Direct Sunlight: The strong UV rays can fade the color of the cloth and damage the table’s finish.

Limit Table Movement: Due to the necessary precision you need for level table placement it is not recommended to move your billiards table unless by a professional.

No Smoking, Eating or Drinking on Table: While food and beverage sales are important for your bottom line, they should be kept away from your pool tables to avoid spills, stains and condensation. Provide patrons with high top tables close by to accommodate beverages, food orders and ash trays.

Clean Leather Pockets: Use a soft, damp cloth using either water or an approved leather cleaner.

Be Aware of Moisture Levels: Ideal humidity levels for any room with a pool table should be 40% – 60%.