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Investment Benefits of Purchasing Diamond Pool Tables

BarZcash Investment Benefits Diamond Pool TableIf you’ve made the decision to invest or reinvest in a pool table for your bar, restaurant or entertainment space you’ve probably spent hours researching the best brands, features and price differences. The top table brands in the industry continue to be Brunswick, Olhausen, Valley, Legacy Billiards and Diamond Billiards pool tables. BarZcash, the leader in pool table payment technology products, specializes in systems for Diamond Pool Tables, Valley Pool Tables and other manufacturers. Business owners looking to host league nights or offer timed and straight play pool options will find many benefits to investing in a Diamond pool table, which we’ve highlighted in our blog below.

8 Reasons to Invest in a Diamond Pool Table

Slate Pool Table Bed: Especially for hosting pool leagues nights you will need a table with a slate surface as it is the only one approved for professional billiards. With Diamond, 7’, 8’ and 9’ tables are standard equipped with 1” piece of slate.

Dymondwood: Each table is contrasted with Dymondwood, a unique word you will only find with a Diamond Pool Table. Their proprietary compound is not only beautiful, but highly durable, burn and dent resistant.

Color/Wood Selection: The Dymondwood is available in rosewood, charcoal, walnut and golden oak with a wide assortment of cloth colors to match your style.

Bi-Level Pockets: Every Diamond pool table is designed with bi-level pockets that are flush to the rail making shooting out of the pocket very easy.

Wedge Leveling System: Their matchless wedge leveling system is built right into the slate bed, which allows the slate to be level without having to remove the rail system.

Built-in Leveling Block: A level block is built right into the legs of your Diamond pool table! With a simple turn of a nut the legs can be raised or lowed with extreme ease.

Quiet & Efficient Ball Return: The ball returns on all Diamond billiards tables are extremely quiet. The billiards balls are collected and gravity fed to the end of the table.

Compatible with BarZcash Diamond Pool Table App: The BarZcash digital gaming technology products are compatible with Diamond pool tables making it easy for you to accept money, host pool leagues and boost profits. Learn the many benefits of cashless payments for your Diamond billiards table. Read more about how it works or call 800-311-6067 to speak with a representative about options for your bar, restaurant or entertainment space.