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Increase Diamond Pool Table Profits by Installing Coinless Payment

BarZcash Increase Profits Diamond Pool Table Coinless AppIf you’ve invested in a Diamond pool table for your bar, restaurant or entertainment establishment then you’re already well-aware of their superiority for professional, amateur and casual players. A coin operated Diamond billiards table provides a plethora of benefits for your business not only to boost income, but expand your customer base & much more. BarZcash is the leader in digital gaming technology payment products for pool, amusement and vending machines. Find out below the many ways in which your billiards table will benefit from the installation of cashless payment technology.

5 Benefits of Cashless Payments on Diamond Pool Table

Earn Money during Tournaments: The main goal of our company is to ensure your establishment can make money during competitions. A coinless Diamond billiards table allows you to keep a digital record of how long players use the table and the amount of games played. This log allows owners of bars to appropriately charge pool league owners fairly and make a profit off of league billiards nights.

Turn Diamond Pool Table into Profit: Besides on billiard league nights, your pool table can turn a larger profit every day of the week. The ease and convenience of coinless operation allows patrons to play longer and spend more money. Further, these same customers will purchase more food and drinks (added profit)!

Expand Customer Base: Hosting pool tournaments at your establishment will draw new customers as players. Even better, these players will bring their non-player friends and family members who will enjoy food and drink while watching.
Tip: Running specials will almost certainly assure they will come back over and over.

No Jammed Machines: Coinless billiards tables ensure you never have to worry about losing money due to jammed coins in the mechanisms.

Control & Fluctuate Prices: Through our proprietary technology, you will control the price of each Diamond pool table or amusement game machine. Prices can be updated as much as you’d like depending on happy hour, late night prices, etc.

Coinless Billiards Table Technology

If you currently own a Diamond, Valley, Global or Dynamo pool table, but have yet to install the coinless payment technology visit our How it Works or Products pages to learn more about our system. Give BarZcash a call right away at 800-311-6067 to discuss the options for your bar, pub, hotel or entertainment center. If you’re on the fence about which table to invest in, see 8 reasons to select a Diamond pool table.