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Benefits Cashless Amusement Game Technology

BarZcash Benefits Cashless Amusement GameBar patrons love the nostalgia of playing a game of darts, air hockey, billiards and other such amusement games. But if you’ve noticed your machines have been empty for a while now, it could because of one common mistake: you’re only accepting coin payments. Many people simply do not carry cash or coins anymore, opting for cards or apps to make any and all transactions. The BarZcash cashless amusement game payment technology is compatible with a variety of machines, as well as jukeboxes and pool tables! Learn more about our coinless app below and discover the many benefits it will have for your business.

6 Cashless Amusement Game Technology Benefits

Increase Revenue: When customers are not held to the amount of coins in their pocket, they’ll spend more time playing! Cashless amusement game payment technology turns every machine in your establishment into a profitable entity.

Food & Drink Profits Rise: Not only will you see an increase in the money coming in from your amusement games, but from your food & drinks as well. The longer your customers can stay on a machine, the more food & beverages they will order.

Advanced Reporting: Financial reports and receipts are vital for business accounting and tax purposes. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to easily keep track of the spending on all machines, whether cash, coins or through the Ray Range app. See more on how our Cashless Game Payment technology works.  

Convenience: Your guests will spend less time waiting to exchange cash for change or flagging down a busy waitress because the game jammed. Customers are free to play and enjoy the games uninterrupted!

BarZcash Cashless Amusement Game Payments TechnologyControl Prices: Our proprietary cashless amusement game technology allows you to change prices on each individual machine with just the click of a button. This option is perfect for pool tournaments, Happy Hour Specials, last minute promotions and much more!

App Integration: Gaming machines, jukeboxes and pool tables can all be integrated into the BarZcash system, which features app integration for payments!

Coinless App for Amusement Machines

It is highly beneficial for bar and restaurant owners to invest in digital payment technology for their in-house amusement games, jukeboxes and billiards tables. Compatible with all of our current games including diamond, valley, global and dynamo pool tables, BarZcash makes it easy to make the switch! Call 1-800-311-6067 to speak to one of our consultants today and visit our How it Works page to learn all about our technology. BarZcash is here to change the way patrons enjoy your billiards and amusement game machines with our proprietary system!