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Benefits of Installing a Cashless Jukebox

BarZcash Benefits Cashless Jukebox Payment AppCard and app payments are quickly becoming the norm, not only at shops and malls, but also at bars & restaurants. Establishment owners are understanding the benefits of coinless billiards tables and cashless amusement game technology. It was obvious to make the switch to a cashless jukebox and all other amusement machines! The BarZcash game payment technology is not only compatible with diamond, valley, global and dynamo pool tables, but also jukeboxes, amusement tables, dart boards and much more. We’ve highlighted the top 6 benefits of installing a cashless jukebox in your bar or restaurant venue.

6 Benefits of Switching to Cashless Jukebox Technology

Make a Profit: Cashless game payment technology allows your machines to serve more customers in a faster amount of time. Not only will more people be willing to use the cashless jukebox, but your staff is also free to serve more food & drinks, instead of worrying about a broken/jammed machine.

Custom Convenience: No longer will your customers have to worry about having enough change or small dollar bills in order to listen to their favorite songs! They can enjoy all the nostalgia of a jukebox with all the modern convenience of cashless payment options.

Safe & Secure Payments: Our cashless payment system allows you to flawlessly track payments and money received. Additionally, your customers will feel safe using a contactless form of payment.  

No Jammed Machines: Outdated coin operated jukeboxes are known for jamming, rendering them useless until you can get someone out to your business for a repair. Installing the BarZcash cashless jukebox technology you’ll never have to worry about that again!

More Control over Music Selection: You’ll have full control over the genres and songs you allow to be played on your machine. You can cater the selection of songs to a specific themed night you are having so someone doesn’t accidently ruin the vibe.BarZcash 6 Benefits of Installing Cashless Jukebox

App Integration: Depending on the type of jukebox you purchase, you may be able to integrate an app that allows patrons to select and pay for songs at their seat!

Coinless App for Pool Tables & Amusement Games

In a time when cash is becoming more and more obsolete, it is a good idea for restaurant & bar owners to invest in digital gaming technology payment options for your billiards tables, jukeboxes and other such amusement games. To learn more about the BarZcash system, visit How it Works page or call 800-311-6067 to speak to one of our knowledgeable consultants today.