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Benefits of Installing Coinless Billiards Table Technology

BarZcash Benefits Coinless Billiards Table TechnologyThere are endless benefits of installing coinless billiards table, cashless jukeboxes and cashless amusement game technology in your bar or restaurant establishment’s pool tables. The BarZcash game payment technology is compatible with diamond pool tables, valley pool tables, global pool tables, dynamo pool tables and all other amusement machines. Turn your amusement game tables into profit machines using the BarZcash range of game payment technology products. See below all of the benefits you can soon be enjoying with the installation of coinless billiards table and amusement game machine technology.

7 Coinless Billiards Table Technology Benefits

Make Money during Tournaments: Our coinless billiards table products allow you to track all aspect of tournament league play so you can make money during pool competitions!  Keep a digital log of how long they played, plus the amount of games and tables used so you can charge pool league owners fairly and finally make profits off billiards league nights.

No jammed machines: You no longer have to worry about losing time or money due to jammed pool or amusement machines! Our coinless billiards table technology accepts payments via an app, as well as traditional coins.

Customers won’t run out of change: All too many times players have had to leave the machine sooner than anticipated, because they ran out of change or singles. Coinless billiards table technology is the ultimate solution to this age-old problem: customers no longer need change! They can pay for games right through our app.BarZcash Install Coinless Billiards Table App

Increased Profit on Food & Drinks: Customers who stay longer have the tendency to spend more on food and drink orders. Not only are you making money on your pool and amusement game machines, but you’re also making money on food & drink sales!

Run Promotions: The proprietary BarZcash system allows you to easily control and change prices for each individual machine in your bar. You can instantly create Happy Hour Specials and last minute promotions to entice a larger crowd on a slow Tuesday night.

Turn Amusement & Pool Tables into Profit: When patrons have an easy and convenient way to pay for pool and amusement game machines, they’ll play longer and spend more money. The BarZcash coinless billiards table technology instantly turns every machine in your restaurant or bar into a profit.

Control your own Prices: The prices of each machine are set by you and can be changed or updated as frequently as you need. Our pool table payment app & technology allows you to set billiards tables to timed or straight play pool options.

Cashless Pool Table App

As you can see, there are endless benefits to installing the BarZcash digital gaming technology payment products into your pool, amusement or vending machines. To learn more, visit our How It Works page or call 800-311-6067 for a consultation about our technology. At BarZcash, we’re dedicated to changing the way pool leagues operate and the way patrons enjoy your amusement machines. We’ve created a proprietary way to ensure these machines are profitable.